10 NFT Games to Try in 2022

24 March 2022

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NFT Games 2022

#1 Exodus: Battle fordfy Island

This game offers a world of strategy and crafting. In the first level you create your own character and then you choose to play as male or female, which has different characteristics that randomly change their skills in battle. The point system is 100% skill based so no power tripping happens. It is a 100% fair fight. This game has a crafting system that allows you to craft your own weapons, armors, etc. It has an army rank system for those who choose to fight in the army. If you win against an enemy, you earn points that can be used to purchase or craft new items or get better at fighting. This game is one of the most fun NFT games because of your freedom of crafting. Being a girl you can make your own male character with the same skills as if you had made a male character. Being a boy you can make your own female character with the same skills as if you had made a female character.


#2 Pyre

A sport game that has to do with survival of the fittest and competition in the arena. This game is a competitive multiplayer game that features different skills and abilities of characters, which also have different rarities and color schemes. It has a sports element to it with the characters having their own abilities and skills from each other. It offers a well-developed storyline that is captivating and draws the player in; characters are escapable for those who want to play for just a day or two. It also has an online battle practice mode where you can learn how to play the game before you take on your opponent.


#3 Trade Ship

This game is like monopoly, but on steroids. You purchase your land and buildings, which can only be built on your own ship. You then trade with other players for resources that are needed for those buildings. The starting bit you have to buy is a small trading ship. As you progress further in the game, you build more ships, which gives you more resources to trade with other players. There is also an alternate version of the game called Trade Wars that offers a PVP version of the game where players must fight for their dominance over the land and resources. Trade Ships has a lot of potential for new content releases.


#4 Blade & Soul

A martial arts game that is multi-genre, which means that the genre does not define the content of the game. It's based on the action MMORPG genre in which you acquire a fighting character and are able to upgrade your skills through many different ways and use them in battle. This allows you to develop your character as you play and makes it interesting to keep playing. You can play alone or team up with 2 other people. You can also create a custom character from different races. It has many different classes, which you may want to play or change your choice of class. Blade & Soul has a shopping system that allows you to buy new gear and items to help your character in battle, trade with other players and make money while playing the game. It also offers an online guild system where players join/create a guild. There is also a chat system that allows you to talk with other players in the game. It's a highly enjoyable game with a lot to offer.


#5 Cryptokitties

A game that offers digital collectibles. You can breed different cat breeds and then sell or keep them for yourself. It is an idle game, so it does not require you to do anything but play it and watch what happens. The collectibles are cats, all of which have their own color patterns, art styles, features and other features that make each one unique. The more you play the more you unlock. It also allows you to trade with other players. You do not need to spend money to have fun in this game, which allows anybody to enjoy it.


#6 Decentraland

This game is a 3D world that you can build and share. It offers an idle/builder game with the ability for users to create content and build space on their land. People from around the world can build things together on one platform and interact with them through different ways. Users can build things or just interact with other players by visiting their land and building on them. You can upload your content on platforms. Decentraland users also have the ability to use a VR headset to bring the game to a whole new level of reality. It's both a virtual and real world where you have freedom to do what you want.


#7 Metal Gear Solid

A virtual world where you can go by yourself or with friends in order to fight against other players or NPCs in order win rewards and rank up. Be careful when you are playing since you can die. The more you play the more rewards you get and the higher your rank gets. Metal Gear Solid has high-quality content, immersive graphics and a realistic gameplay that is similar to the original console game but with cheaper prices.


#8 Augmentors

A game that allows the user (you) to own digital creatures called Battle creatures. You have to own at least 6 of them (a full squad) to start playing the game and using them in battle competitions. The game is played in a turn-based system and battles are held in arenas with 2, 4 or 6 battle creatures. You can get more battle creatures by breeding them or buying them on the market. You can also sell your unused creatures on the marketplace. It allows you to create your own squad and customize it however you like. The more battles you participate in, the more rewards you get, which allows you to trade for rare Battle Creatures that are hard to find on the market since they have a low quantity of it.


#9 Warframe

This game is a co-op third-person shooter, which allows you to play with other people in order to complete specific challenges and missions. The game takes place in the future where the players are mercenaries with different abilities (which are customizable) and tasks to do at any given time. You need to team up with other players in order to win against your enemies. There are different warframes that you can use for your character, with each one having their own sets of skills and weapons. It has an online trading system where you can sell your items to other players who have that warframe or use it in fights.


#10 Monster Hunter World

A game that allows the player to explore a huge world, track and kill monsters and level up so that you can get better gear and equipment for yourself. It offers a lot of content for different types of people, as it is easy to play but hard to master. The community is friendly and there are tournaments for players who want to compete with others. You can use different weapons and hunt monsters to gain rewards and make money. This game has great graphics, a realistic environment and an interesting storyline.



These are just 10 of the most popular MMORPGs that you can play today. There are many other games that offer the same thing, but in different ways, which allows people to choose the game they like best according to their needs. Choose which one is for you, schedule time for it and enjoy playing it. If you don't have time to play a traditional game, then go for an online one and still be able to enjoy yourself with some creative elements that make it very fun and addicting.